andrewfarago (andrewfarago) wrote,

Cats & Dogs

We're inching toward our two-month anniversary of having our cat, Tesla, and fast approaching the six-month mark of living in our house. Man, this year's flying by.

I'm expecting to come into some money from a few side projects soon, which means planning new repairs and such for the house. Window replacement is at the top of the short list there, since we've got some slotted windows that exist for the sole purpose of leaking cold air into the house. The sidewalk and front porch can use some red paint, as can the paved areas in the backyard and basement. I'm hoping to fix up the basement to the point that I can use it as a comic-reading/storage room, which will free up some floor space in Shaenon's office, until we can completely renovate the garage so that Shaenon can use it as a backyard office/studio, and...

Yeah, I think we'll have to space this stuff out a little bit. Looking back on it, though, we've gotten a lot done since taking ownership of the house back in late December.

We've got a lot of backyard work we want to do, too. Shaenon's got a nice-sized garden behind our garage, and she wants to expand it considerably. I'd like to get rid of the crabgrass that makes up...well, pretty much 100% of our lawn. The weeds are gone, so I'll shift my focus to ripping out all of that crabgrass and eventually planting real grass there.

The neighbor's dogs are still barking, but we've got more and more neighbors on board for filing complaints against him, so we're hoping that he'll reach a breaking point soon. Apparently he's intending to start a dog-breeding business on his property, and since I'm sure he doesn't have a license for that sort of thing, I'm hoping we can take him down that way if Animal Control doesn't.

Our cat's settling in pretty well, although she is prone to barfing on things if she gets upset or overeats, who can tell? We can't figure out what sets her off, but we're hoping that she'll continue to feel more at ease as time passes.

And that's what we're up to right now. Any questions?
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