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On with the show, this is it!

In case I haven't mentioned it recently, I've got a book coming out next month. It's my first, not counting mini-comics, comic books, magazine articles, etc., and there's something extra-exciting about having my name on the front cover of a real hardcover from a real publisher. The book is The Looney Tunes Treasury, and you can pre-order it from here.

And if you want to see what it looks like, I got a copy hand-delivered to me by my editor this morning:

Me reading through the book:

The front cover:

The start of my intro:

Art sample:

Title page (probably where I'll be SIGNING these. Wow!):

Here's Bugs!

Bound-in Porky Pig comic reproduction:

Bound-in folder containing replica "Rabbit Hood" script pages:

Nice double-page "What's Opera, Doc?" spread:

My editor's great, and it was really easy working with the publisher, who went along with a lot more of my suggestions than I'd have predicted as a first-time author.

Please check it out when it hits bookstores next month, and please spread the word to any friends and colleagues who enjoy Looney Tunes. This will be a great holiday gift, and the more copies you buy, the more likely I'll get to do additional projects with these guys in the future. We're already talking about a few possibilities, any one of which will be really cool.

Th-th-that's all...for now, folks!
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