andrewfarago (andrewfarago) wrote,

Reubens weekend!

Shaenon and I spent last week in Pittsburgh, visiting her family and attending the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Awards festivities.  It was our fifth time attending in six years (our friends Mohamed and Jen got married over Memorial Day weekend last year, so we missed out), and it's amazing how quickly we've gone from rank outsiders to being a real part of the group, and how much we look forward to catching up with our cartooning pals.

Here's a shot of comedy writer, producer and cartoonist Tom Gammill, famed children's book creator Mo Willems, and me outside of the William Penn Omni Hotel in Pittsburgh, enjoying cigars courtesy of Momma and Miss Peach creator Mell Lazarus.  Just out of the shot are Shaenon, Jeff Keane, who let each of us take a drag off of Bil Keane's pipe, Mark Tatulli, creator of the strips Lio and Heart of the City, Dan Piraro, creator of Bizarro, Tea Fougner of King Features, and a bunch of other ne'er-do-wells.  Looking forward to next year's festivities in San Diego, although I'm a little disappointed that I'll be spending yet another weekend in the Gaslamp District, which I'm very familiar with thanks to Comic-Con.  It's nice when the Reubens bring me someplace I haven't been able to visit before.

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